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  • Megan Kaun

AB99 is in the Senate

Here's how to call in to voice your support (tomorrow, Tuesday June 27th @ 4pm*)

AB99 (Connolly) would limit Caltrans' pesticide use and require advanced notifications and pesticide use reporting. It's a small step for a big agency that uses over 420 pounds of pesticides every year on California roads, but it would be an important one that could have large ripple effects.

The Senate allows individuals and organizations to call in with their brief statement support of a bill during its hearing. These support calls have been instrumental in showing committee members how much the public is paying attention to this bill and this issue. Please call in this Tuesday/June 27th at 4:00pm* to show your support. Instructions are below:

Senate Transportation Committee Date: Tuesday June 27th, 2023 Time*: We expect the hearing to begin around 4:00pm* but it could be delayed by Senate budget hearings. Email if you want to be sent update emails tomorrow. AB99 is first on the agenda. Participant Number: 877-226-8163 Access Code: 3874380 How to make Call In Public Comment

  • Dial the participant phone number and access code at 4:00pm* when the hearing begins. You will be put in a “virtual waiting room”, please mute your phone (this is very important!) It is possible the hearing could start late so please hang on the line. AB99 is first on the agenda. Hold on the line until AB99 is called.

  • AB99 will be introduced. Pay attention, the operator will ask people on the phone to Dial 1 and then 0 to make public comment. You may hear a prompt that says “You are in queue”. Do not press 1 then 0 again! This will remove you from the queue.

  • Be patient and wait until an operator joins your line. The operator will assign you a number. Write that number down and wait for the committee to announce your number.

  • Once your number is announced, please unmute your phone and state your comment. Make sure to mute your phone after you speak!

Suggested Script: “Hello, my name is [name] with [name of organization or affiliation, if applicable, or city/county of residence]. I am calling in support of AB99. Thank you." *The hearing for AB99 could start late. Email to receive email updates tomorrow.

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